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what is a consensus algorithm
What Is a Consensus Algorithm?

How the blockchain consensus algorithms work, what their benefits and limitations are, and what types of consensus algorithms are available.

Cryptographic Hashing

A function that takes an input and outputs an alphanumeric string known as the “hash” or a “digital fingerprint” of input data (bits).

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The Blockchain Road to Mass Adoption

In this episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype, we interview the founder and CEO of Vertbase, Justin Seidl. We discussed topics such as the challenges of acquiring and using cryptocurrency, what merchants require to adopt the digital assets,

debate proof of work
Debate: Is Proof of Work the Ultimate Solution?

The inventor of the first steam engine created something new yet, for today’s standards, inefficient and imperfect. The evolution of the steam engine has lead to very efficient machinery that we have today. Using this analogy,

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What is a Block?

A block is a collection of transactions that have happened during a certain amount of time that is added to the blockchain.

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