Supply Chain Blockchain Applications

Coffee, Drugs & Diamonds: Supply Chain Blockchain Applications

Are you interested in how diamonds go from mining to jewelry, drugs from chemistry to capsules, or grapes from regional harvest to decadent wines?

From product development to distribution, every industry has a supply chain, and decentralized digital ledgers are primed to help increase their efficiency, transparency and real-time trackability.

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Get exclusive access to twelve polished visual representations, exploring blockchain’s ability to help solve logistical, organizational and ethical challenges, such as simplifying record-keeping, keeping immutable records, and tracking any products’ authenticity.

Supply Chain

The supply chain is a core aspect in businesses, from raw materials, production and packaging, to transport and customer service. Blockchain will help bring a higher efficiency to these processes, allowing for better transparency, traceability and flow.

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  • Cup of Blockchain
  • Wine and Chain
  • Diamonds on the Blockchain
  • Drugs on the Blockchain
  • Dairy on the Blockchain
  • Tackling Counterfeits
  • Tuna-Tracking on Blockchain
  • Blockchain for Ethical Fashion
  • Blockchain Powered E-Commerce
  • Beauty and the Blockchain
  • Wheels on the Blockchain


Blockchain Zoo Infographics

Our visual representations show you how global and regional industries can optimize multiple organizational logistics, by using a digital ledger in a distributed network. Download them today, so you can discover the blockchain evolution of supply chains.