Blockchain Use Cases

15 Real World Blockchain Use Cases

Did you know that in addition to cross border payments, blockchain is on its way to revolutionize voting, the music industry, education and even climate change?

Find out how, by downloading our high-res, members-only Blockchain Use Cases infographics.

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Use Cases

If you want to quickly understand how blockchain has the potential to change the world, these infographics briefly explain the background of many industries, with their specific challenges, as well as how this new digital ledger technology is able to help solve them.

Download today to receive a beautifully polished PDF with 15 Blockchain Use Cases ranging from Waste Management to Gaming and Online Advertising, all of which have much to gain from leveraging blockchain technology in one way or another.

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  • Waste management
  • Global payments
  • Digital identity
  • Occupational fraud
  • Energy trading
  • Voting
  • Real estate
  • Charity funding
  • Music copyright
  • Media
  • Education
  • Climate
  • Freelance economy
  • Gaming
  • Digital ads


Blockchain Zoo Infographics

All our visual representations show how blockchain can change global industries, by leveraging the best in cryptography, using an immutable, transparent, decentralized ledger. Download them today, so you can be ready for the future!