A fork is a mere change to the protocol, or a divergence from the previous version of the blockchain.

Blockchain in FinTech

Learn more about FinTech blockchain, radical changes that blockchain is bringing to FinTech, and the major use cases of blockchain in FinTech.

blockchain developers
Why to Become a Blockchain Developer

What are the skills of a blockchain developer, the expected salary, and the current demand for such a profession? Learn why to become the blockchain developer.

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Top Blockchain News of 2019

2019 offered a strong rebound for blockchain infrastructure improvements, supply chain use cases, and ongoing investments from big financial players.

2020 trends
Blockchain Trends for 2020

From wide adoption by governments and financial institutions to newfound applications in several industries, these blockchain trends we anticipate in 2020.

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Nodes are participants in a blockchain network that provide a copy of the entire blockchain to the network. All miners host a node, but not all nodes mine cryptocurrency.