Digital Assets

Blockchain Trends for 2020

From wide adoption by governments and financial institutions to newfound applications in several industries, these blockchain trends we anticipate in ...
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The Blockchain Road to Mass Adoption

In this episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype, we interview the founder and CEO of Vertbase, Justin Seidl. We discussed topics ...
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Blockshare Workshop

Getting Started with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Workshop

Bitcoin is the first blockchain technology, and it proposes a very different way of issuing money into an economy and ...
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digital ads

Blockchain for Digital Ads

How blockchain can end poverty in developing economies - a talk with Vally Azar from Kommerce at Blockchain Zoo HQ ...
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The Journey of Cobalt

Cobalt demand is expected to multiply eight fold by 2026. Cobalt mining is often associated to human right abuses The ...
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Wheels on the Blockchain

Mercedes-Benz is developing a blockchain platform to increase transparency and sustainability in complex automotive supply chains. Wheels on the Blockchain ...
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Diamonds on the Blockchain

Every year, about 4% of natural diamonds are mined unethically. Blockchain can help fight not only the "blood diamonds" trade, ...
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Wine and Chain

Not only providing provenance, TATTOO also allows all consumers and distributors to buy and sell wine, schedule and track shipments, ...
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A Cup of Blockchain

Globally, about 500 million smallholder farming households earn less than $2 daily. Can Blockchain change this? A Cup of Blockchain ...
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Smart Cities and Blockchain

We explored the future of smart cities, transportation, and how blockchain technology can be used to support the future of ...
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alexandre kech

Custody Services for Digital Assets

Technology, security, and compliance - these are the main barriers standing between digital assets and asset custodians. Custody Services for ...
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Tokenized Economy & Sustainability with Stephen DeMeulenaere

Welcome to the first episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype! After a decade of development, blockchain is attracting not only financial ...
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