bitcoin hashrate

Bitcoin hashrate is at the all-time high, so what?

In this video, our developer Heriyono Sim explains why it doesn't really matter and what it really means if the ...
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libra cryptocurrency

Is Libra Really Build on Blockchain?

In a reaction to the recently released white paper of Facebook’s Libra currency, we discussed the technology behind this project ...
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Blockchain Powered E-Commerce

The last decade has seen a boom in e-commerce. Following this growth, however, numerous concerns arise. Blockchain is here to ...
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investing in crypto

Investing in Crypto

Willy Woo is an analyst and partner at Adaptive Capital who pioneered the field of on-chain analysis. In this talk, ...
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Fundraising for Blockchain Companies

The craze of ICOs back in 2017 brought the idea to revolutionize how we fund companies by creating a tokenized ...
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Centralized vs Decentralized Exchanges

When the storm of cryptocurrencies came, many cryptocurrency exchanges arose, facilitating convenient trading on their platforms. Though efficiency is being ...
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The Mass Adoption of The Blockchain Technology

Welcome to the third episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype! Sparked by the famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, blockchain adoption is said to ...
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Tokenized Economy & Sustainability with Stephen DeMeulenaere

Welcome to the first episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype! After a decade of development, blockchain is attracting not only financial ...
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Fintech In Singapore & Indonesia

Singapore is a small island nation, so small that it’s in fact one of the few city-states in the world ...
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Introducing Monetary Transaction Blockchain Technology

Introducing Monetary Transaction Blockchain Technology ...
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