against frauds

Blockchain against fraud

Globally firms lose more than $7 billion due to internal fraud schemes every year, can Blockchain put an end to ...
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Blockchain for Identity

The case of Toufic Al Roujla, aka the invisible man, brought concerns around identifying refugees to the forefront. Here's how ...
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We Vote for Blockchain

Voting is the beating heart of democracy. Here's how Blockchain is making voting safe, secure and anonymous. We Vote for ...
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The future of Work

The freelance economy is consistently growing. Here's how Blockchain can help overcome some of the many shortcomings in the freelance ...
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Bringing philanthropy in the Blockchain jungle. Blockcharity One of the most-commonly asked question people have about philanthropy is transparency. Blockchain has ...
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Blockchain Academy

The future of the world is in today's classrooms. Blockchain Academy Transparency, security, and immutability are three things (of many!) ...
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blockchian in smart cities

Blockchain in Smart Cities

Diving into challenges of smart cities and how blockchain technology can help solve them. Blockchain in Smart Cities We hosted ...
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Smart Cities and Blockchain

We explored the future of smart cities, transportation, and how blockchain technology can be used to support the future of ...
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Blockchain in Modern Educational Systems

Martin de Borst is a blockchain expert and a co-founder of fintech startup Younder. On this episode of Blockchain Beyond ...
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alexandre kech

Custody Services for Digital Assets

Technology, security, and compliance - these are the main barriers standing between digital assets and asset custodians. Custody Services for ...
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Exploring Non-financial Use Cases for Blockchain Technology & The Unique Challenges of Working in the Industry

Working in the “blockchain space” has many unique characteristics that aren’t intuitive to newcomers. Comparable to the early days of ...
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