Blockchain in Industry Insights

In the future, the entire supply chain management infrastructure will likely be done on a blockchain, which will improve traceability and authenticity of assets as they’re distributed to the consumer.

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The First Blockchain Living Lab Opened in Singapore

Singapore's first Blockchain Living Lab, initiated by SUSS, SmartMesh Foundation, and MeshBox Foundation, was officially unveiled on January 15, 2020 ...
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The Internet of Things and Blockchain

Exploring the interaction between the Internet of Things and blockchain technology in the video interview with Henry Wang, Founder and ...
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Blockchain in Fintech

Blockchain in FinTech

Why use blockchain in supply chain? What limitations does it overcome? Learn more about the benefits, risks and use cases ...
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Best of 2019

Top Blockchain News of 2019

2019 offered a strong rebound for blockchain infrastructure improvements, supply chain use cases, and ongoing investments from big financial players ...
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bitcoin hashrate

Bitcoin hashrate is at the all-time high, so what?

In this video, our developer Heriyono Sim explains why it doesn't really matter and what it really means if the ...
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libra cryptocurrency

Is Libra Really Build on Blockchain?

In a reaction to the recently released white paper of Facebook’s Libra currency, we discussed the technology behind this project ...
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The Controversial Libra

Who signed a charter to join the Libra Association, and who dropped out? The Controversial Libra On the 14th of ...
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waste management

Waste Management on Blockchain

How can we turn everyday waste into reusable resources like fuel, energy, and more recycleable materials? Swachhcoin might have a ...
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