Best of 2019

Top Blockchain News of 2019

2019 offered a strong rebound for blockchain infrastructure improvements, supply chain use cases, and ongoing investments from big financial players. Top Blockchain News of ...
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2020 trends

Blockchain Trends for 2020

From wide adoption by governments and financial institutions to newfound applications in several industries, these blockchain trends we anticipate in 2020. Blockchain Trends for ...
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debate proof of work

Debate: Is Proof of Work the Ultimate Solution?

The inventor of the first steam engine created something new yet, for today’s standards, inefficient and imperfect. The evolution of the steam engine has ...
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Blockshare Workshop

Getting Started with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Workshop

Bitcoin is the first blockchain technology, and it proposes a very different way of issuing money into an economy and sending information to each ...
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Blockchain in the Context of Smart Cities

How blockchain technology can be used to solve challenges of smart cities - a talk with Jochem Verheul from Open Mobility Network at Blockchain ...
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vally azar

Eradicating Poverty with Blockchain

How blockchain can end poverty in developing economies - a talk with Vally Azar from Kommerce at Blockchain Zoo HQ. Eradicating Poverty with Blockchain ...
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Blockchain Zoo in Gartner Market Guide for Blockchain for the Second Year in a Row

Last year we were the only company to be recognized in the Asian market. Exciting to see other organizations in Asia finally being recognized ...
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Blockchain Zoo at Bali Block Confex 2019

Join us for Block Confex conference about blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, and decentralization with our founders Roberto Capodieci a Pandu Sastrowardoyo. Blockchain Zoo at Bali ...
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Starhub Connect

Starhub Connect

JAKARTA - Sinar Mas Land in collaboration with Alpha Momentum held Starthub Connect 2018 on this past 13th September 2018. Starthub Connect 2018 is ...
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Introducing Monetary

Introducing Monetary Transaction Blockchain Technology

Introducing Monetary Transaction Blockchain Technology ...
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