In the future, the entire supply chain management infrastructure will likely be done on a blockchain, which will improve traceability and authenticity of assets as they’re distributed to the consumer.

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Digital Identity

Blockchain: Full Control of Your Digital Identity (Finally)

Blockchain’s decentralized nature ensures that your digital identity is secure, and it has the potential to exponentially reduce the risk ...
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Lightning Network

What Is Lightning Network? And How Does It Work?

The Lightning Network offers an easy way for users to make “off-chain” bitcoin payments with low fees, near instant settlement, ...
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Centralize to Decentralize

How to Shift to Coding for Decentralized Systems

The tips from blockchain developers on how to become a decentralized applications developer and what new skills to acquire. How ...
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Private and Public

Private and Public Blockchain

The level of access granted to the participants to be able to validate the data, is the key differentiator of ...
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