Debate: Is Proof of Work the Ultimate Solution? [Video]

Decentralised systems have been in the ‘limelight’ only recently, specifically blockchain. In the daily lives of people the understanding that ...
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Asymmetric Cryptography

Uses public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt data, the keys are simply large numbers that have been paired ...
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What Is a Consensus Algorithm?

How the blockchain consensus algorithms work, what their benefits and limitations are, and what types of consensus algorithms are available ...
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debate proof of work

Debate: Is Proof of Work the Ultimate Solution?

The inventor of the first steam engine created something new yet, for today’s standards, inefficient and imperfect. The evolution of ...
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What is a Block?

A block is a collection of transactions that have happened during a certain amount of time that is added to ...
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Proof of Participation

The Proof of Participation consensus equally distributes decision power and rewards amongst every node contributing to a blockchain’s operation. This ...
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Proof of Capacity

Similar to Proof of Work but instead of computing resources, Proof of Capacity leverages available disk space (storage). Proof of ...
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Proof of Reputation

Do you know the consensus mechanism whose reputation of a node is constructed based on its asset, transaction activity, and ...
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Proof of Authority

Born within Ethereum’s dev team, Proof of Authority consensus algorithm is based on a reputation of block validators and puts ...
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Delegated Proof of Stake

Delegated Proof of Stake can be thought of as representative democracy. Token holders vote on a representative who then validates ...
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Proof of Stake

Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, as one of the most common alternatives to Proof of Work, provides a slight improvement ...
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limitation consensus

The Limitation of the the top used Consensus Algorithms

Choosing the right consensus mechanism for your blockchain project is a key decision as each has its pros and cons ...
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