Debate: Is Proof of Work the Ultimate Solution? [Video]

Decentralised systems have been in the ‘limelight’ only recently, specifically blockchain. In the daily lives of people the understanding that something can be managed ...
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The Blockchain Road to Mass Adoption

In this episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype, we interview the founder and CEO of Vertbase, Justin Seidl. We discussed topics such as the challenges ...
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blockchain for public use

Why PoW is not the only secure consensus algorithm for public use

How blockchain in digital media can cut out intermediaries, and improve monetization for content creators in a video with Emil Sterndorff from Altcoin Magazine ...
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hybrid solution for consensus

Should you use a hybrid PoW/PoS solution for the consensus?

The hybrid PoW/PoS model does not create more security than either of those systems independently, and it also fails to address the major limitation ...
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bitcoin hashrate

Bitcoin hashrate is at the all-time high, so what?

In this video, our developer Heriyono Sim explains why it doesn't really matter and what it really means if the hashrate is ATH. Bitcoin ...
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libra cryptocurrency

Is Libra Really Build on Blockchain?

In a reaction to the recently released white paper of Facebook’s Libra currency, we discussed the technology behind this project. Is Libra Really Built ...
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proof of work is dead

Proof of Work Is Dead

Is the crypto you’re currently HODLing based on Proof Of Work? If yes, you might want to know some potential attack vector. Proof of ...
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eradicating poverty with blockchain

Reducing Poverty with Blockchain

How blockchain can reduce poverty and hunger in developing countries, and enable the economic growth. Reducing Poverty with Blockchain We hosted an event with ...
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blockchian in smart cities

Blockchain in Smart Cities

Diving into challenges of smart cities and how blockchain technology can help solve them. Blockchain in Smart Cities We hosted an event with Jochem ...
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investing in crypto

Investing in Crypto

Willy Woo is an analyst and partner at Adaptive Capital who pioneered the field of on-chain analysis. In this talk, Woo presents engaging visualizations ...
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Blockchain Adoption in Retail

Exploring blockchain adoption in retail, challenges related to retail payments and how blockchain technologies can help - in the video with Brandon Burgason. Blockchain ...
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The Social Impact of Blockchain

Why blockchain is the next technology to introduce social change and how this change is going to happen - by Jean-Daniel Gauthier, Co-founder of ...
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