Social Impact of Blockchain By Jean-Daniel

Why blockchain is the next technology to introduce social change and how this change is going to happen - by ...
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Using Blockchain in Digital Media Industry

How blockchain in digital media can cut out intermediaries, and improve monetization for content creators in a video with Emil ...
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Dennis Roelofsen

Product Design & Branding for Blockchain Technology

Explore blockchain design challenges preventing mass adoption and human-centric ways to overcome these challenges in a video with Dennis Roelofsen ...
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Why Proof of Work Is a Wrong Method to Secure Blockchain

Blockchains use consensus mechanisms in order to secure the network. Bitcoin uses Proof of Work which has been very successful, ...
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Smart Cities and Blockchain

We explored the future of smart cities, transportation, and how blockchain technology can be used to support the future of ...
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paul gadi

How Blockchain Gaming Is Changing the Industry

One of the most promising use cases for blockchain technology is gaming. From non-fungible tokens to decentralized in-game economies, the ...
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barton johnston

The Limitations and Scaling Solutions of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Beyond Hype is back, this time with Blockchain Zoo co-founder and CTO Barton Johnston, to discuss blockchain technology and ...
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jhon lee quigley

Cryptocurrency Mining Explained

The most recent research released by CoinShares shows that the large mining farms are mining bitcoin where the costs of ...
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At Blockchain Zoo, we aim to deliver a multimedia offering to help expand your knowledge of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the many ways decentralized technologies will change the world. We believe this is possible thanks to blockchain’s ability to offer faster, fairer, more transparent and democractic ways of doing things. One such way for us to deliver this information to you is via our in-house videos. 

Every month we publish an episode of Blockchain Beyond Hype (BBH). These videos address with honesty and objectivity the concerns of everyday people, as well as answer the questions of those who’ve been part of this industry for many years. 

Among others, we published a video about the ‘Real-World Challenges of Blockchain Projects’, with a conversation around the real-world challenges blockchain projects are facing, how to evaluate a blockchain project, chain commerce, and more. Another BBH video explored ‘The Internet of Things and Blockchain’, with a great discussion around internet decentralization, and the space race between tech giants. 

We also love to interview industry leaders, who offer their point of view on a variety of subjects. For example, our ‘Strategic Evaluation of Blockchain Projects’ interview with Doryan Ahn, co-founder of CREXPIA and CEO of Doryan Solutions‘, or The Blockchain Road to Mass Adoption’ interview with Justin Seidl, the CEO of Vertbase.

Because blockchain is in its early years, there’s a lot of debate on the technology, and the best way to make it work. For instance, in 2019 we filmed a debate called ‘Is Proof of Work the Ultimate Solution?’, where industry leaders discussed with the Blockchain Zoo team attack vectors in PoW algorithms, as well as the reasons why, after all these years, it might not be the ultimate answer for all blockchain solutions. 

Although PoW is used by many of the top cryptocurrencies, as several of our videos show, it has various limitations, like scaling and giving power to the most resourceful. Check out some of our other videos, exploring Facebook’s Project Libra, Blockchain in Smart Cities and Digital Media, Investing in Crypto, and Cryptocurrency Mining.